Audio Guide to “Anxiety…I’m So Done with You!” for Parents, Educators & Therapists


For Parents, Caregivers, Educators & Therapists to Help Teens/Kids Fully Integrate Healing from Anxiety and Depression


Parents, Teachers, Homeschoolers, and Counselors! Teens can’t learn and grow while in fight, flight, or freeze. Rather than feel out of control, powerless, and worthless, we need to help them feel like empowered problem solvers. Especially now! Get this audio commentary to help your teens/students/clients get the max out of this academic year and beyond (even during the covid pandemic!). Learning emotional resiliency now will save them from heartache and suffering for the next 20 years and beyond.

Up-level the impact of reading “Anxiety…I’m So Done with You!” Use it at home to assure the emotional wellness of your whole family. Use it in health class to help build your students’ robust mental health. Stop the rise in anxiety and depression and help this generation regain confidence in themselves and trust in the world.

This is an adult behind-the-scenes audio guide to “Anxiety…I’m So Done with You!” to help your teen fully integrate it.

For participants in the US, this course comes with a signed copy of “Anxiety…I’m So Done with You!” Please provide a shipping address in “order notes.”


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