Activate and Develop Your Intuition: COHERE


Connect to your inner wisdom in this 5-module self-study course with Jodi Aman. Create deep connections, expand your consciousness, and answer all your questions.



If You Can Fully Depend on Your Intuition, You Can

  • Make swift decisions. Make aligned financial choices. Go after the best career path. Reach out to the person at the right moment. Break up with that boyfriend that’s been mean to you for years. Or, finally, empower yourself sexually and book that class you have been meaning to take. 
  • Take care of yourself. Go on those walks you have been meaning to take. Ask for that raise. Set strong personal boundaries. Eat more wholesomely. Create structures that support your purpose and prosperity. Clear your clutter. Decolonize your self-care. Feel happy and in control of your life. 
  • Help others heal. You are already doing it, but when you get connected and learn how to support yourself, it won’t be draining for you to serve others. Learn to interpret other people’s thoughts and actions and practice getting your ego out of your way so you can confidently deliver what they need, when they need it. 
  • Know what your loved ones need. Have baller, mutually loving relationships with your family, lovers, collaborators, clients, children, students, and friends.
  • Understand that you are not alone. You will feel a sense of community and connectedness to the people around you. You will trust yourself better to know who in your life you should get closer to and who you should dismiss. And then, you’ll meet your spiritual support systems, feeling their presence before you even call them.
  • Stay centered and intentional. You will walk into rooms with more confidence. Even amidst crisis or tragedy, you will be able to grok the big picture view of the situation, analyze all the parts and take action for everyone’s highest good.
  • Magnetize. Manifest more opportunities, money, better sex, a loving community, perfect clients, and more.

In this comprehensive Activate  & Develop Your Intuition Course, you will receive the blessings of these deeply helpful gifts–getting spiritual, emotional, and practical support in all areas of your life.
And, you’ll release the curse.

This 5-week journey includes videos, downloadable resources, worksheets, and exercises to activate and develop your intuition. It is transmissional, meaning that the videos have energy (often felt while watching) that activates your intuitive DNA.

You need to do more than survive right now. You need to thrive! DEEP-DIVE into the ecstasy of your spiritual skill up-level with the 5-module video course. Join the COHERE: Activate and Develop Your Intuition Course!


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