LIVING Free 21 Day Guided Meditation Series


Become Your Own Healer in 15 Minutes a Day!


Relieve the pressure of anxiety, loneliness, pain, loss, or stress by meditating with me.

A guided meditation program with me changes everything. You are no longer in isolation. I take the thinking and the planning out of it. I give you something to focus on instead of just trying to clear your mind.
The ease of it allows you to sustain motivation helps your motivation!

Find Peace Within

You can check on your inner-well being and recharge. You can discuss a problem with your higher wisdom. Or discern a decision. My meditations focus on letting go, connecting and honoring yourself, and bringing in some fortifying energy.

Not only do you deserve it, but the people around you deserve your transformation.
Take a needed time out. Breathe. Reclaim your life from the worries and issues that grab at it daily. Calm your mind, body, and soul. Taking care of yourself, connecting with your skills and abilities is how you function better and achieve your wildest hopes and dreams!

Relax, Breath in, and Heal Yourself Today!

  • Come out of the mind and take residence in the body.
  • Give yourself a focus.
  • Find your inner wisdom.
  • Relax your body, heal your heart and calm your mind.
  • Let go of what you no longer need.
  • Plant and nurture seeds of self-love.
  • Receive your guided meditations and start aligning your heart and mind and freeing your spirit to understand the wisdom of the Universe within you.


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