Self-Care for Empaths & Helpers


The essentials to supporting a sensitive system.




In this course, you will learn the bare essentials to giving yourself support when you are highly sensitive. It’ll get you from system overwhelm to feeling robust and fortified. You’ll learn the three steps to dealing with difficulty; why meditation can help; how offerings can support your system; when to set clear boundaries that provide safety for all parties; and how to shift your understanding of sensitivity so that it will support you all day long (even around difficult people!).

The training includes:

  • How to Think about Sensitivity So It’s a Blessing and Not a Curse
  • Increase Your Energetic Bandwidth Audio Training
  • Setting Awesome Personal Boundaries
  • Dealing with a Hard Times or Difficult People
  • Why (& How) Meditation Can Support You
  • Working with the Earth for Support
  • The Map to Whole Peace: Seven Steps to Peace in Your Life


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