ACTIVATE! Private Group for Empaths and HSPs

$79.00 / month

A safe haven to heal your past, firm up your boundaries, step into overflow, & serve from your highest potential.



Activate is a therapeutic, spiritual development & somatic-healing group for people who:

  • are HSP and EMPATHS.
  • feel sensitive and want to stop taking on the world’s feelings.
  • would LOVE to work with me, PERSONALLY.
  • watch my videos and say, This person gets it. She can change my life and help me change others.
  • are ready to heal their inner child, let go of the past, and overcome their anxiety so that it no longer controls their days.
  • long to ALIGN to their DIVINE PURPOSE and the joy of being fully yourself.
  • desire the skills that build spiritual and mental ROBUSTNESS.
  • need a bigger emotional and energetic bandwidth to handle personal difficulty and help their clients, children, students, and families do this, too.
  • wish to create a life where they feel EMPOWERED and CONNECTED.


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